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The Game Coordinator will enforce the following rules for the safety and enjoyment of all players.


Rule 1: Laser tag is a Non-Contact Sport.

This means there should be no physical contact between you and other taggers!



Rule 2: Do Not Cover the Receiver Dome.

Do not cover up the receiver dome on the Tagger, thereby preventing you from receiving tags. If you want to avoid being tagged, you must use your defensive shields or take cover behind something (such as a tree or barrier). Covering the receiver dome with your is considered cheating. Anyone who does this is automaticly disqualified.



Rule 3: Players must stay within the designated game area.

Players must remain inside the marked game area at all times. When a player has been tagged out or disqualified, they should hold the tagger above their head and return to the hosting area.



Rule 4: Equipment error means disqualification.

If your Tagger shows an error message or experiences a malfunction, then you are temporarily disqualified from the game. You will need to step outside of the playing area and wait to join the next game. It’s always a good idea to verify that your Tagger has started the game countdown before leaving the briefing area, and do not end or restart a game without instruction from game’s leader.



Rule 5: Obey higher authority.

The Blaster Battles crew is in charge. When the Game Leader is talking, players should be listening carefully to the instructions. No arguments. If a police officer, security guard, park ranger, etc. approaches you, immediately lay down your Tagger and follow their instructions.



Rule 6: Treat others with respect.

While laser tag can be individually competitive, many of the games involve team play. This means that each member of the team must put the team first and treat others the way they want to be treated. Bad sportsmanship (like disrespect for people or property, bad language, name calling, cheating, etc.) will not be tolerated. Remember, laser tag is only a game.



Rule 7: Have Fun!

'nuff said?


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