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Frequently Asked Questions



Can the laser beam from the tagger hurt someone’s eyes?


No. Our lazer tag guns use infrared, just like your TV remote control. It’s totally safe. Players shoot an invisible and harmless beam and there are realistic light and sound effects. Gun-mounted sensors detect when you have been hit as well as when players are out of ammunition.


How many players are needed for a laser tag event?


Typical games range between 6 to 16 players. We can accommodate larger groups by rotating players in and out. Teams are limited to a maximum of 8 players per team. So for groups larger than 16, players will be broken into 3 teams per game.


How old should the players be?


We have found that games work best for players ages 7 and up. However, for little kids that really want to play, we ask for the parent or responsible teenager to be with the kid at all times. We would hate for someone to get run over.


What should the players wear to a lazer tag event?


Players should wear “play” clothes suitable for the weather and sturdy shoes. It is recommended that players wear darker colors, as opposed to bright colors that would draw attention to themselves and inhibit hiding during game-play. Many guests enjoy wearing camouflage shirts and pants/shorts to blend into their surroundings.


Can lazer tag be played indoors as well?


Absolutely! The taggers have an “indoor” setting. We’ll set up lazer tag field indoors or outdoors. Gyms, halls, and recreation centers all make great indoor arenas. The number of players in a game may be restricted depending on the size of the facility, however.


How big of an area is needed?


The bigger, the better. Grass is preferred. We recommend an area of between 150-200 square feet per player. For example, a 50′ x 50′ area should be large enough for a 16 players. Finding a location with trees is also helpful. All the better for hiding!


What do I need to provide for the lazer tag event?


Our crew will set-up and take down the course, as well as organize and lead the games. We do recommend that the party organizers have plenty of cold water or juice to help keep the players hydrated.


What happens if it rains on the day of my event?


Games can possibly still be run in light rain. The Blaster Battles Game Coordinator may call off game play in the case of moderate rain and/or wind. If less than 50% of the game time was used, a make up date will be set up.


Will anyone take pictures of our event?


Our crew-members occasionally take pictures and short video clips highlighting the lazer tag games. We reserve the right to use photographs or video of the party participants for publicity purposes.


Have a question? Want to book a mobile laser tag party or rent equipment for your event?


Call Robert, your mobile laser tag specialist, at


or send email.


Visit the SIGN UP page for detailed information on the booking process.

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